Forschungsprojekt City as Loft

CITY AS LOFT – Adaptive Reuse as a Resource for Sustainable Urban Development

Over the last thirty years, the desire for urbanity, identity and identification has above all been projected onto maintaining and converting derelict structures dating from the industrial era. As a contrast to the characterless buildings and cityscapes that are the same all over the world, these locations stand for a type of architecture that has specific features and relates to history and context, while at the same time offering space for current and future needs. The simultaneous quality of stability and openness is what makes the locations so extraordinary and invites engagement with them. We describe these urban qualities with the term ‘loft’: adaptable, flexible, and at the same time powerful spaces with identity in which people can live and work

It’s all about places, people and having a vision. This is the message distilled from 30 portraits of reused industrial areas worldwide. In a wide variety of places all round the globe, reinterpretations of the legacy of the industrial age are releasing tremendous potential energy and creativity – in the USA, Russia, Brazil and China just as much as in Europe. The book examines the background, protagonists and concepts involved and shows various strategies for reuse. In essays and interviews, specialists from both the theoretical and practical fields explain their findings and experiences.

Immer geht es um den jeweiligen Ort, die Menschen und um eine Vision – dies wird in den Porträts von 30 umgenutzten Industriearealen aus aller Welt deutlich. Ihre Neuinterpretation setzt ein enormes Potenzial an Energie und Kreativität frei: in den USA, Russland, Brasilien oder China ebenso wie in Europa. Das Buch beleuchtet die Hintergründe, Akteure und Konzepte und zeigt verschiedene Strategien der Umnutzung auf. Fachleute aus Theorie und Praxis erläutern in Aufsätzen und Interviews ihre Erkenntnisse und Erfahrungen.

Projekt: Forschungs- und Buchprojekt
Schlüsselbegriffe: dynamisch-stabile Strukturen, Transformation, Umnutzung, Katalysatoren, Möglichkeitsräume
Team: STUDIO . URBANE STRATEGIEN, Martina Baum für die ETH Zürich, Professur für Architektur und Städtebau, Prof. Kees Christiaanse
Laufzeit: 2010 – 2012
Publikation: Baum, Martina / Christiaanse, Kees (Hrsg.): City as Loft – Adaptive Reuse as a Resource for Sustainable Urban Development, gta Verlag,  Herbst 2012

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